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How does IPv6 work? June 8, 2012

Five things we should know about the new Internet Protocol: IPv6. This is the replacement of limited IPv4 that we're still using.

Technology behind noise canceling headphones June 8, 2012

What is noise canceling technology? How do they work? What is active & passive noise canceling?

What's the different between prepaid and post-paid iPhones? June 8, 2012

There are several companies offering prepaid iPhone plans. How do they compare to regular contract plans?

Misleading iPad branding will cost Apple millions June 8, 2012

Apple has accepted to pay $2 million in Australia due to misleading advertisement alleging "fourth-generation" technology.

'Blood minerals' disclosure to be required June 8, 2012

US tech companies take steps to comply with expected SEC ruling on 'blood minerals'. In the last 15 years more than 5 million people have died fighting over mineral rights to sell to the US.

Chicago Judge tosses Motorola & Apple patent suit June 8, 2012

Apple was unable to prove damages on two of the four patents in question. The judge concluds that they cannot prove damages on the other two as well.

Facebook ordered to reveal offenders IP June 8, 2012

A UK woman wins a High Court Order requiring Facebook to reveal identities of "trolls".

More older people are using the internet June 8, 2012

With more older folks surfing on the internet, advertisers should keep them in mind. More than half of people older than 65 are using the internet.

Apple iOS is more popular with developers June 8, 2012

69% of application developers still favor Apple. Only 31% favor the Google Android platform.

Google wins in Swiss case, with restrictions June 8, 2012

The highest case of Switzerland has declared that it's OK for Google to get pictures of streets. The ruling required some modifications.

What does Google know about you? June 7, 2012

Better question: How do they know so much about you? This eye opener video may make you sick. Make sure you read the bottom half of the video.

Windows phone is gaining against Apple iOS June 7, 2012

Market share for the Windows Phone is expected to surpass Apple iOS in 2016.

Nasdaq earmarks money for lawsuit settlement June 7, 2012

Nasdaq has set aside $40 million to settle law suites regarding Facebook stock.

What will Virgin Mobile sell for $30 a month? June 7, 2012

Answer: No-contract Apple iPhone. The mobile phone trend is to move towards no contract, the drawback is the upfront cost.

Does your dad want a tie or gadgets? June 7, 2012

Father's day is coming up. Your father probably wants a tech gadget. This article suggests best tech gifts for dads.

Some eHarmony passwords compromised by hackers June 7, 2012

LinkedIn hackers stole some eHarmony passwords. A small fraction is affected. As a result some of the accounts have been hacked into.

What is "Big Data" used for? June 6, 2012

"Big Data" is what you share in Facebook & twitter or search for in Google. They are using it to buy and sell stocks, guide political campaigns, monitor the spread of disease, etc.

Can virtual glasses help you lose weight? June 6, 2012

Researchers are coming up with glasses that make portions look much bigger, thus help curb your appetite.

Researchers are trying to get more out of the radio spectrum June 6, 2012

A number of companies are researching on how to get more out of the radio spectrum because cell phone companies are running out.

Google has announced 3D maps June 6, 2012

In an attempt to counteract Apple's announcement against Google Maps, Google announced that it's maps will be more 3D.

New technology allows rising touchscreen keys June 6, 2012

A new touchscreen android device is being developed that will rise and flatten keys are needed.

LinkedIn exposes iPhone calendar info June 6, 2012

Researchers have discovered that LinkedIn scrapes users Calendar items and sends the data back to its servers.

IPv6 is launched, removes IP limits June 6, 2012

Now the internet is not limited to 4.3 billion IP's. It can now have trillions of trillions computers and gadgets, 340 + 36 zeroes, to be more exact.

How to get Airtime Facebook Video Chat June 6, 2012

Facebook users can now video chat with friends. You can even watch Youtube together.

Google will warm users about virus June 6, 2012

Google is developing a new message to warm users who have 'State Sponsored' attacks.

Facebook leaders go to Berlin June 6, 2012

Facebook execs are promoting Facebook by mingling with startup companies in Germany.

Yahoo to roll out new antispam protection June 6, 2012

The new Yahoo antispam spcification will make it easier for service providers to discard spam emails.

GoPro cameras stream on the web June 5, 2012

You can use a smartphone to control GoPro cameras & stream them on the web.

PC Magazine reviews Firefox June 5, 2012

Here are the pros and cons of Firefox, and the ratings.

Great photo sharing services June 5, 2012

Thirteen dedicated picture sharing services that are better than Facebook.

Your data in "Big Data" June 4, 2012

What is "Big Data"? Is this a new and invasive industry? Do they have standards for getting your data?

Achieving privacy in era of big data June 4, 2012

Google insider says that they can tell a lot about somebody by indirect means. It's getting harder to be private.

Facebook & iOS may be integrated by Apple June 4, 2012

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, hints that they may integrate facebook with iPhones and Ipads.

Samsung Galaxy S III is almost available June 4, 2012

In June, the new premier Samsung Android phone will be available. It's already released in London.

Blog says that Kids will suffer with Facebook June 4, 2012

Are there privacy concerns regarding admitting children under 13 to facebook?

Facebook may give kids access June 4, 2012

Facebook is developing technology that will allow children under 13 to use their site under parental supervision.

You can vote on Facebook June 1, 2012

Starting Friday you can vote on Facebook's privacy policies. You may see new kinds of advertising.

Your boss may be stalking you June 1, 2012

Your boss can legally stalk you with internet security monitoring.

Windows 8 consumer preview June 1, 2012

Microsoft has released it's Windows 8 "preview". They are preparing for October's launch date.

Internet Explorer 10 will have "Do Not Track" June 1, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 will have "Do Not Track" by default. This decision has others very unhappy.

Windows 8 handles multiple monitors June 1, 2012

Windows 8 has hot corners for multiple monitors, but it can be improved.

Windows 8 has an improved Windows Store June 1, 2012

The updates are good, but they "seem half-done" according to

Crittercism raised $7.2 million June 1, 2012

Crittercism offers tools to help application developers diagnose app crashes & debug them. They just raised another 7.2 M, after Google Ventures also help raise over 1 M.

BiblioCrunch e-publisher launches June 1, 2012

BiblioCrunch is now available to the public. It allows writers to find related talent such as proofreaders & illustrators.

Google to make announcement before WWDC June 1, 2012

WWDC (Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference) will announce Apple's "mind blowing" 3D maps. Google has a Google Maps anouncement before that.

Google accuses Nokia & Microsoft of violations May 31, 2012

In a complaint with the European Commission, Google accused Nokia and Microsoft of colluding to raise the cost of mobile devices.

Google Shopping gives advantage to paid advertisers May 31, 2012

Advertisers who paid more, will get more exposure in Google Shopping.

The iPhone is now for sale without a contract May 31, 2012

Cricket, has announced that it is selling the iPhone without a long term contract.

Revealing comments of Apple's CEO May 31, 2012

Comments of CEO Tim Cook dropped hints about Apple's future.

MAC App to manage your removable drives May 31, 2012

Review of CleanMyDrive to monitor and clean your removable drive.

Nine fun ways to avoid summer brain drain May 31, 2012

Fun ideas for parents: How to avoid student's brain slide.

Famous Apple computer up for auction May 31, 2012

Apple hand-made computer by Jobs and Wozniak is up for auction.

Chromebox laptop revealed May 30, 2012

Two new products verify that Chrome is not dead.

The nature of the 'Flame' virus May 30, 2012

The middle east powerful virus, 'Flame', has been analyzed. Who is behind it?

Other IPO's put on hold May 30, 2012

Since the falling of Facebook's IPO, other companies have suspended their IPO's.

Has Facebook messed up tech investments? May 30, 2012

Andrew Keen speculates on Facebook's influence on investors.

Facebook's foreign co-founder has no hard feelings May 29, 2012

Eduardo Saverin talked about his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg saying there were "no hard feelings".

Technicolor seeks patent infringement May 29, 2012

Technicolor, an unprofitable French company, will review the new iPhone for violations of it's 40,000 patents.

Samsung Galaxy S3 get early lead May 29, 2012

Galaxy S3 hits stores in Europe and the Middle East. They aim to increase lead over the iPhone.

A French court ruled in favor of Google May 29, 2012

A french court ruled that Google is not responsible for filtering content on YouTube.

A rock that spies on you May 29, 2012

They can look like a rock, UGS (unattended ground sensor) can spy for decades.

Gmail experienced problems May 29, 2012

Gmail users may be experiencing problems loggin in, but Google says it's now up.

Where did Mark Zuckerberg & bride honeymoon? May 29, 2012

Rome. Though they tried to hide in the crowd, onlookers took some pictures.

What caused Facebook's botched IPO? May 29, 2012

Besides what has been reported, the May 9th update of it's investors prospectus was the culprit.

Groupon offers mobile payment service May 26, 2012

Groupon begins testing it's new mobile payment system service to compete with Square and PayPal.

Instagram grows quickly under Facebook May 26, 2012

Since it's been aquired by Facebook, Instagram has 78% more unique visitors.

App to find your apps, fast May 28, 2012

It's not easy to browse 600,000 apps in the app store. Find your app quickly with this app.

Get rid of daily deals emails May 28, 2012

Are you still getting 14 "daily deals" email per day. This service can solve your problem.

Goodies for web designers May 28, 2012

Eleven innovative apps to help web developers.

Will Facebook buy Opera? May 28, 2012

Apparently Facebook will buy Opera, the browser company. Facebook needs to be independent from Apple.

The most advanced malware was uncovered May 28, 2012

The most advanced malware to date has been uncovered in the Middle East. It was intended for Europe.

RIM will lose it's CLO May 28, 2012

RIM, the ailing smartphone maker, is facing layoffs, and now it just lost their Chief Legal Officer, Karina Bawa.

Facebook will compete with iPhone & Android May 28, 2012

Facebooks is preparing to launch "buffy" it's version of the smart phone.

Microsoft is pushing for you to drop XP May 27, 2012

Microsoft is promoting Windows 7 saying that it's more expensive to stay with XP than to upgrade to Windows 7.

PC Magazine reviews the best camera phones May 25, 2012

What are the best phone camera's out there? Here is a review of six of them.

Facebook launches iPhone app May 24, 2012

Facebook has unveiled a new camera app for the iPhone, available on Apple's App Store.

Siri technology coming to cars May 25, 2012

According to Macworld UK, Nuance will bring Siri-like commands to cars. This will enable drivers to send text, get directions, etc.

Secret life at the AOL campus May 25, 2012

Eric Simons found a way to stay and live at AOL headquarters while he was developing his dream.

HP's webOS team will go to Google May 25, 2012

Google has begun hiring individual members of HP's webOS Enyo team.

How to setup solar panels for cheap May 25, 2012

How about leasing solar panels? That's cheaper than paying $46,000.

Should we be sharing that much? May 25, 2012

Should we very open on the Internet when the beneficiaries of social media are corporations?

Apple CEO will forgo 300 million May 25, 2012

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, will not accept $300 million in dividends he's eligible for.

Campaigns go high tech through phones May 24, 2012

Text messages are expected to be more widely used to reach votors.

Facebook launches iPhone app May 24, 2012

Facebook has unveiled a new camera app for the iPhone, available on Apple's App Store.

Google removes over 35K sites a day May 24, 2012

1. Google removes from it's search engines over 35,000 sites a day due to requests from owners and their lawyers.
2. Microsoft regularly requests of Google to remove their copyrighted sites.

Analysts are OK with HP's layoff plans May 24, 2012

HP is set to cut 27,000 job. Analysts see this as a step in the right direction.

Mobile company's aren't giving away as much May 24, 2012

In Europe the era of subsidized phones may be over when signing a new contract.

Microsoft wins against Motorola in Munich May 24, 2012

According to a Munich Court, Motorola devices infringe on a Microsoft Patent.

Will private spaceflight happen soon? May 24, 2012

A private company launched a spacecraft; Is this the dawn of for-profit space race?

Yahoo's new Axis Search Browser May 24, 2012

Yahoo Axis is available on iPhone and iPad and as an add on to browsers.

Yahoo launches a new search app May 24, 2012

Yahoo Axis is a step closer to guessing what you're searching for.

Google Nexus Prime & Motorola Atrix compared May 24, 2012

The next generation of mobile phones will launch with Google Nexus Prime. How do they compare to Motorola Atrix?

IBM has banned Siri May 23, 2012

Apple's iPhone assistant, Siri, is a security risk according to IBM.

Intel Core i5 & i7 compared May 22, 2012

What's the difference between Intel Core i5 & i7? The difference is very notable.

Google will let you know about this trojan May 23, 2012

Google will let you know if you have the DNSChanger trojan via a special message.

Productive time killers May 23, 2012

Here are some ideas on how to make your down time productive on your smart phone.

Macworld reviews calendar apps May 23, 2012

Want to keep your family in sync? Here are some suggestions.

How to use read-it-later: Instapaper May 23, 2012

Since you can't read all things when you come across them, you may want to use Instapaper.

British Apple designer will be knighted May 23, 2012

The Apple designer behind many gadgets has been selected to be knighted.

Chinese use doctored pictures again May 23, 2012

Chinese officials were highly cricitized for using "Photoshopped" pictures. It happened again!

Lawsuit is settled by Facebook May 23, 2012

Facebook published "likes" of people in advertisements without permission. They have settled that lawsuit.

FCC proposes caps for broadband usage May 23, 2012

The FCC wants to limit your internet usage due to Internet congestion. Netflix CEO doesn't like the tiered pricing plan

More autocomplete in Gmail May 22, 2012

Gmail now has added autocomplete to email content.

What are people looking in HDTV? May 22, 2012

3-D isn't the biggest selling point for HDTV. It's smart TVs.

Mid-air gesture-control is a possibility May 22, 2012

"Leap Motion" is developing the capability to allow you to do gestures without touching.

Why has Facebook's stock fallen so much? May 22, 2012

1. Is it bad luck or cautious investors?
2. More analysis on Facebook's falling stock price.

Google finalizes aquisition of Motorola Mobility May 22, 2012

Google now officials owns Motorola for $12.5 Billion. They created the first cell phone.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for Galaxy S III May 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III is now available by pre-order on Amazon.

Mom uses social media to punish daughter May 22, 2012

A texas mom posted an embarrassing picture of her daughter as punishment.

Internet to get 5 times faster May 22, 2012

Alcatel-Lucent is in the process of providing more speed for the internet with a new Internet router.

Apple is building a big new campus May 22, 2012

The second campus, built in California, will look like a spaceship: Big enought for 13,000 employees.

ooVoo: 12 way video chating May 22, 2012

ooVoo is a new video chat service that allows 12 people to be on the phone at once.

Microsoft launched new social networking site "" May 21, 2012

Facebook has one more competition: Microsoft

Pakistan reinstates Twitter May 21, 2012

Pakistan briefly blocked twitter because of "blasphemy".

App identifies people in a picture May 21, 2012

New iPhone app, KLiK can reveal the identity of everyone in a photo.

Google Chrome Overtakes Microsoft IE May 21, 2012

This time it's not just briefly: Google Chrome is the most popular Web Browser.

EU: Google violated anti-trust May 21, 2012

1. EU has offered Google a chance to fix issues.
2. EU says that Google violated four areas: Asks for remedies.

Facebook is down, but is up again May 21, 2012

1. Facebook tumbles way down.
2. Facebook is back up again.

Apple responds to complaints about Siri May 18, 2012

Apple recommends that you buy a different phone if you're having problems with their virtual assistant: Siri.

Safe browsing for kids May 18, 2012

Kid's will be home during summer, how do you make Internet browsing safe for them?

World's first Wikipedia town May 18, 2012

A small town in Wales will be the first one to explose everything of interest in town on Wikipedia.

Technical gadgets for bikes May 18, 2012 reviews 10 pieces of bike tech devices.

Battle for hotspots between AT&T & Verizon May 18, 2012

Cell phone Hotspots, WIFI internet connections, are offered by some cell phone providers. reports the difference between AT&T & Verizon.

Facebook IPO trading prices, spike & drop May 18, 2012

Facebook goes up to $43 after the IPO: A 13.7 B jump.
Facebook first goes up then almost goes below the IPO price.

Rugged treatment for rugged claims May 17, 2012

Canon claims their Canon 7D can take rough treatment, here is what happens when it is tested.

Watch a close-up of LCD pixels May 17, 2012

This video will give you a rare glimps into how pixels work in a LCD screen.

Verizon allows unlimited data, but no discount May 17, 2012

Now Verizon is allowing people to have unlimited data, but without subsidized phones.

IPO price to be announced today May 17, 2012

The day before the IPO, Facebook will announce the price per share of it's IPO.

The FCC will allocate a spectrum for body sensors May 17, 2012

Doctors will be able to monitor patients wirelessly because the FCC will allocate bandwidth for wireless medical monitoring.

10 new social network alternatives May 17, 2012

If Facebook is too corporate for you, here are 10 alternatives.

Facebook: What to watch after the IPO May 17, 2012

Facebook's IPO is the largest in US history, and the most hyped. Here are 5 trends to watch for after the IPO.

Facebook has launched a new iPhone app May 17, 2012

"Pages Manager" app is the third iPhone app, and is now available in New Zealand. It allows people to more easily handle their fan pages from their smartphones.

MacBook Retina is almost here May 17, 2012

The new super high-resolution displays are already in the supply chain.

Verizon will drop unlimited data plans May 17, 2012

Verizon announced that it plans to drop their $30-a-month unlimited data plan for the 3G to 4G LTE upgrade.

Google to consolidate Android updates May 16, 2012

Google will work to have less fragmentation of it's Android updates.

Does Facebook have enough advertising revenue? May 16, 2012

Will Facebook IPO translate into growing profits for Facebook?

Google will answer questions of French regulator May 16, 2012

So far regulators of the EU are not satified with answers they got from Google regarding their privacy policy. They will meet in person.

Bigger screen for iPhone May 16, 2012

According to sources Apples is planning a bigger screen for the next version of iPhone.

Patent issue delays launch of HTC phones May 16, 2012

The US Customer are verifying that HTC has complied with court orders.

What is better WiMAX or LTE? May 16, 2012

Which flavor of 4G do you need? Learn about how these technologies affect you.

Facebook news May 16, 2012

Facebook just bought another company.
How to invest wisely in the Facebook IPO
7 recommended features for Facebook
Facebook loses an Advertiser because it's "Ineffective"
Facebook IPO get's people excited
Facebook's IPO gets bigger as investors sell

Apps to keep you in the black May 15, 2012

These 5 apps will keep your bank account in order. Keep track of your personal finances with these apps.

Facebook may not close the Instagram deal soon May 15, 2012

Because of the SEC probe, Facebook may not be able to close the acquisition of Instagram this quarter.

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