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Custom web and desktop applications

Robinson Software is a software development company since 1991. We build applications for the Web, and for the desktop. Our goal is to make your business or your work as efficient as possible with innovative and customer solutions. With excellent industry certifications, and with many years of experience: We would like to build your next application. We can build an application for your industry. We have experience building applications for many industries including: Banking, Retail, Medical, transportation, industrial, and Financial. Technologies include Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Java Script & derivatives, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access & VBA. We analyze your need and come up with a solution which will save you time and money. Robinson Software will make your operation more efficient, and allow you to function optimally.


We create desktop applications or web applications. We create or support custom applications. In most cases we can either create reports for an existing application, or we can add features for your existing application. (Which requires that you have source code) We create applications for processing your business, or for an outside display. We can create a customer portal for your customers to see their orders in process, or we can integrate API's for the vendors you need to deal with. We can do EDI mapping with your clients, including interchange of invoices, Advanced Ship Notice, and Purchase Orders. We can also adapt an app that we have already created to fit your needs.

We have created an app to run a trucking broker company, which can be adapted for a trucking company. We can also create an app to process admission and loading trucks in an industry setting. This will allow the operator to see which trucks have arrived and call each one in turn to be loaded. We can create features to send warning emails upon certain conditions, like the overnight importation process, with the notice of what was imported, and what was unable to import. We can also interface with existing software to be able to capture information, and/or make the current machine work more efficiently. We can also automate emails to be sent to your clients when you have shipped the product, or the product is ready to be picked up.

We can also create a web site so your clients can make orders, and they will get confirmation emails as to the status of their orders. We can also adapt an existing app to view the cases of your dental, orthodental, or medical practise. These are pictures that will help you and your patience see what you have found in your analysis, and what to expect based on other patients that you have treated.

As you can see, the solutions are endless, it depends on your needs.

In short, if you have a need: Let us analyze it, and we will come up with a solution for you. Our specialty is custom apps. We resolve problems by finding the best solution for you, developing it, and implementing it for the benefit of your bottom line.

We would like to serve you: create a solution which will make your business more efficient, and more competitive.


Robinson Software

Robinson Software is dedicated to custom software development. We do desktop development, web-development, and maintenance of existing systems. We create custom apps.

We are located in Southern California. However, our clients are serviced remotely. Even if your business is out of state, or out of country, we can serivice you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Robinson Software is to apply our expertise to service you. We combine patience and hard work to conduct business in a way that benefits our clients.